Alert Conflict Map

The purpose of this interactive map is to give FDOT’s approval team the ability to see if any alerts, that occur during a defined time range, conflict with eachother.

Each alert will have a starting and ending date as well as a location and end location, that is defined by the team I worked for.

You can see that the alert is drawn in a circle. This circle is drawn on whether or not the detour is directional or not. The team is responsible for setting the end of the detour to draw a circle from either the center or by using the coordinates as a diameter.

The alerts and their circles are then tested to see if they collide with one another. One alert at a time against all other alerts. This will help with detours that use exits that may be already closed.

Conflict map showing all possible conflicts. Red/Pink Icons.

Clicking a box on the left shows possible conflicts. Circle is a general area the detour might cover.

One alert selected, showing more information to the right.

As you can see above in the last image, the alert’s (grey icon on map) circle starts at the pin drop, and ends at the furthest point where the detour would go. Helping the user see the area affected by this detour.