I-4 Ultimate Project


The I-4 Ultimate Project is the largest infrastructure project in Florida history. The project consists of rebuilding the 21-mile stretch of Interstate 4 in the Orlando area.

Since late 2016, I have been tasked with helping with and creating many projects. Global-5, the company I worked for, is a communications firm that was tasked with letting Central Florida know and understand the changes being made in their areas during the project.

Over the years I’ve helped with constructing informative handouts that illustrate closures and detours along with infographics about the project.

I’ve also been tasked with building, one of the biggest projects I’ve ever done, an interactive web-based map that showcases road closures, current configurations, aerial photos of the interstate, future plans, and live camera feeds. It has been a crazy journey, but I’m proud of what I accomplished.

The map has been such a success, that recently a local news station requested to have our map on their website. I created a mini version of the map and allowed it to be displayed on any website. Look below and check it out yourself.

Interactive Map

Interactive map with a construction alert selected.

Play with the interactive map.

Although the map is one of the biggest projects I tackled for the I-4 Ultimate Project, I also made a few other web-based applications to help myself and others. I created a file management portal to quickly search and cycle through file that are used in social media and emails. The folder on the server has hundred of files and previously, we would have to manually type the url of the file name. What a waste of time, so I created the portal.

I’ve also helped with many “behind the scenes” applications that doesn’t have any interface but does some really cool things. For instance, a PHP web hook application that would send email details to our newsletter application’s API. Because the I-4 website is a WordPress site and the newsletter software is not, list of emails that were gathered during each month had to be manually imported every month after for the newsletter.

Below are some screen shots and examples of the work I’ve done.


Event Tracker

Front page, showing list of events.

Event page showing associated files.