Visit Website – This may change, since I no longer maintain this site.

The Multi-use Corridors of Regional Economic Significance (M-CORES) website was created by me. I created the theme from scratch, but used some of the theme components from the I-4 Beyond the Ultimate’s website, which I also created.

Normally, my creative director would create a mockup in Photoshop and I would create the website from there. However, this time, the website needed to be created and ready to view within a couple days. My creative director gave me the reigns to create the website first, and then tweak the look after. Luckily, there was not much to change after I created the first instance.

When the website first launched, there wasn’t much information about M-CORES. The website was lacking, just showed an upcoming event (the kickoff event for M-CORES). But after the first meeting, there was an abondance of information. The website now focuses on the events first. Each event houses all the information, instead of laying out all the information on one page, like it did in the beginning.

Maintaining the site is now easier, because M-CORES is built in WordPress, and all the events are post types, and files, documents, presentations, and anything else downloadable is a custom post type that is linked to a given event.

Interactive map with 3 study areas selected.

As of now, the M-CORES site is no longer maintained by the company I worked for.