Sagot Law


Visit Website is the website I created for my grandfather’s Law Firm, Sagot Associates, P.C.

Their previous website was pretty outdated and was created with basic HTML with no way to manage content.

My grandfather came to me one day asking if I would create a brand new look with way more functionality. I chose WordPress as the CMS of the website, mainly because I was learning how to use it at my current job, and I wanted to learn how to create custom themes in WordPress.

Front page of website.

Another problem the previous website had was having almost zero SEO. I implemented some small SEO techniques, and created a very user-friendly mobile version of the website.

The site is a really simple theme with only a small must-have plugins. This would make it my very first custom themed WordPress site.

On top of a website, I also set up his Google My Business, to give it more online presence.

Since launch, in early April of 2017, there has been more page views and more phone calls to the business. Although my grandfather wasn’t expecting or wanted more traffic, he was pleasantly surprised they were able to get some extra clients in their door.