Side Projects

House Painter

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My mom wanted to see what her house would look like with Valspar paints.

So I built a web app, where she can pick the colors from Valspar, and apply it to either the door or the siding. You can also save combinations and view them easily by clicking the color buttons on the far right.

House Painting app. Color sections on left, selected color section in the middle, saved favorites on the right.

You curious to see how she painted the house? Welp, she never did! After all that, she never painted her house. But that’s okay, I thoroughly enjoyed making the app.

Wedding Invitation RSVP App

I got married, so it was obvious to me and my then fiance, to have the RSVPs come to us via a web app.

Each invitation we sent out had a predefined unique code that would allow them to RSVP from the site.

Wedding invitation you would see via code received in the mail.

Name Generation

Months before our wedding, my wife and I thought that we wanted to change our last name. And to make it unique, we would combine our letters of our last name.

So I made a little web app that when you pick the length of the name, would display a randomly generated name using only the letters of our combined last names.

I also made a rating system that would mark the name with either like or hate. The liked names would show in the list at the top. The system also checks to makes sure the same name doesn’t get generated twice.


Birthday Mobile Web App

For my wife’s birthday, I created a web app in the theme of her favorite game Animal Crossing: New Horizon.

It was set up like a scavenger hunt, where she would find cards with codes, and redeem them on the app, revealing a birthday present.

She said this was the best birthday present she have ever received.

DMS Creator

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Given the task of creating a vector alphabet for Dynamic Message Signs (DMS), my first approach was to manually create each letter in Adobe Illustrator.

That quickly changed, after making half the alphabet, to creating a web application to do all the heavy lifting.

What I created was a DMS tool for graphic designers that need to make a quick mockup of a electronic sign for any purpose. The tool generates an SVG that can be placed in any designing software.

Interface of DMS Creator

Live text rendering as you type or change settings.